Castles I

First let me tell you about the legend of the Red Ruin. For four hundred years it stood between us and the savages. It stood for civilization and not tribal wandering and savagery in behavior, like cannibalism. It stood for decency. But finally it fell to the barbarians who united their resources under a powerful chieftain. She was Uma, the Dread. Her castle was the first to gain its legs and walk to their enemies. Or run from them.

The Red Ruin. Behold the missing sections of wall in the curtain wall. The castle was taken after a year of war with countless battles.

Here’s some more shots.


One sees the precarious-looking seat of the castle atop Frozen Woman’s Hill.


The Red Ruin will be a character in my novel of possessed castles and shrewd politicking. It will be a wonderful series not unlike Game of Thrones or the work of Joe Abercrombie.


Here is another castle that places a great emphasis on geography, and itself as an extension of that geography. The Black Castle in the Clouds. Possessed by a really nasty character who’s utterly ruthless.

The Black Castle in the Clouds. This castle actually can pass through mists and clouds and storms and move another area in mist or storm. This is one its most frequent locations, politically. Given that their people live on the verge of anarchy, it makes frequent appearances on Horror Rock. The Black Castle has been named “the horror” by citizens of nearby Queendoms.

The Black Castle is owned and run by undead people of great power and influence in the world of the living and govern many of the most savage races of women.

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