Starfighters IV: The Odessan Pirate Federation

Greetings. Everyone. You’ve seen several starfighter shots in this fun run on the themes of my starfighters, the creative process of asking questions about them as I build them and answering with the build. You begin with more power than you can even use through my Lego method. Again, by sculpting the model, the character begins to form, the rudiments of the pilot of the ship.


Imagine if you will, a pretty young woman of 28 with a missing eye, wears a patch, and scarring around her left missing eye’s browline. She fucks someone she clearly despises, takes a stray cat she meets home with her, and she’s kind to the cat. And she’s the deadliest tactician the Pirate League have. She was born to raid fat cargo ships of the EGM. She flies in a very beaten-up and scared warplane. To her mechanics she would must have gaily exclaimed, why wash off all her history? Just up the shields again. Get me something newer and better!” This all starts to take on feelings and a lifestyle all their own, just by making their ship. Here it is.

Behold. The Pirate Federation’s supremely dangerous starfighter, the Sabre.


The long-nosed “Sabre.” Notice the twin light grey sections in advance of the cockpit: these are dual reactors that power the duel side-mounted molecular scrambler rifles. The large noses contain the fastest hyperdrives yet developed. Yes, a league of space pirates has R and D like you wouldn’t believe.


And her pilot Janet Tweed. A redhead. Reputation is that she’s fucked everyone on her way up the corporate ladder of the pirate federation fleet. Her character comes to me from having built her ship. What sort of person do I find in this contraption?

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