Elizabeth, Cyborg Gladiator from the Seventh Colony World of Earth, Blossoming Orchid

The year 2350, females dominate society; they shift spending from military to space exploration and resolving food and wealth disparities. Men are enslaved but are protected by a limited charter of rights.

A quiet cultural revolution in the 2250s and 60s has seen people view men as inherently competitive, conflict-oriented, and avaricious without limit. Capitalism is the legacy of the male sex. Women have tamed capitalism, ended war, spread out to six new colony worlds.

The most popular entertainment across the seven worlds is Arena. Teams of cyborg female gladiators face off to try to capture or kill the other team’s queen. They seek each other out and fight in abandoned, cordoned-off sections of slums in a city. The military records their combats to inform their training and development of new military heuristic software to load directly into soldiers’ brains, enhancing their skills and fighting abilities.

Morbid Indebtedness becomes a crime punishable by a term of slavery, and this applies to women. Men are born into slavery. Gladiators are all female, come complete with male organs and their hormones and resulting aggressiveness, capacity for rage, bloodlust. And over time, although “Sister” is an honorific bestowed upon warriors who have killed 50 opponents, the term became widely applied to all gladiators who competed at the world level. Blossoming Orchid is home to The Sisters, a team name suggesting all members are sisters in the proper use of the term, which was seldom the case.

Sister Elizabeth was convicted of morbid indebtedness and auctioned to farm team of the regional team The Reavers, themselves a farm team of the Sisters of planet Blossoming Orchid. She was 18. She had no marketable skills, and sex slavery was banned under the Slave Charter of 2230, so she found herself being trained in how to fight in a certain martial art focused on a role on a team of warriors.

At 18 she was fierce, competing against women with polyflesh upgrades to enhance strength and healing. When she was called up to the Reavers, the rules changed. Polysteel, feeling and healing steel, was introduced into prosthetics available to a gladiator and team. Elizabeth killed her first woman at age 19, only ever wounding or intimidating opponents until then. She loved the feeling, and then spent days in profound depression. She was aroused by the hot jets of blood hitting her in the face.

She killed again in every match in which she has played. She has played in 57 matches and is now 23. She has invented Gampo, a martial art which incorporates the head, notably, as a weapon. Elizabeth spent 3,000 menta (all victorious gladiators earn 40,000 menta a year, which is turned over to her owners after her needs and equipment are paid for. Kills are worth 5,000 menta each).


Sister Elizabeth relished the jets of hot red all over her. She realized, far too late for a smart girl, that she had been drugged by her team owner. Primer, a liquid software circulated to the brain, brings out killer instincts and augments them. Makes you sadistic.

Arena, the great entertainment owned by the great media corps across the worlds, is a secret project of a shadow government of the seven-world democracy, a government with its nucleus in the highest-ranking military women. Arena is war and combat laboratory. Gladiators with 50 kills are celebrated and studied carefully. At the world level, gladiators are SIVed (Sofware Intake Valve) with the liquid software Mentor II. Mentor II works like speed, giving you a mental boost and heightened alertness. Cocaine is similar in affect. It enhances your creativity, speed of thought, and other cognitive abilities, and, most essentially, fuses permanently sexual arousal and violence. You become utter sexual sadist and masochist. But killing is the ultimate thrill, honour, and paycheck.

Elizabeth chose for her head (for at the world level, no one wants their brain that exposed—it is recessed into the Bonewise rib web and a weaponized head installed. Or an ornamental head. Depends on what the gladiator values.  Sister Elizabeth felt she could create a martial art based on head attacks from a weapon, in her case, a chainsaw.  

You will be hearing more of the Sisters soon, friends.




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