Developing Creative Community in Organizations with Poseable Lego Desk Art

Hi! I am a public relations expert and Lego artist. I create a community around my art made up of your whole company, each member of whom you send one of my art builds. An art community soon emerges in your organization, supported by my communications. The community is playful, creative, expressive.

The community involves everyone in a new facet of your corporate culture. You begin a dynamic tradition that promotes creativity, sense of belonging, and cooperation in your employees. You may notice your organization unthaws from its routines and become more adventurous.

Gandalf the White.

Seven Steps

  1. Receive a box of three to two hundred art builds.
  2. Send each employee an art build.
  3. Create a communications arrangement on one platform or another for me to engage with your community about the art and answer questions.
  4. I write a thorough blog post in advance for each model you send out for the employee to read and discuss and share with anyone in the organization.
  5. Watch the buzz emerge in your community, the feelings of pride and belonging to something, a cultural event. Make the communications platform: blog, intranet site, et cetera, permanent so each person feels their contribution to the art project is permanent.
  6. Have your communications department contact the media with the story of the company that leased Lego Art for its employees. It’s a strong story. I can work with your communications/PR people and am trained in PR myself.
  7. Repeat once, twice or more per year. Enjoy your new tradition and its positive changes to your community.
Tula, an angel abstaining from the war between Heaven and Hell


Lift employees’ spirits: Everyone would rather play than work, and inserting a little play into work transforms the work and work environment. People will find empowerment and validation in the art project and feel more confident and active in their roles at work as a consequence.

Create felt sense of community: Art will open and warm hearts, break ice, make people talk and email with delight at their relief at the newness, the change to their working space. They will become a community of popular art critics.

Loyalty and Love: Think of receiving an art build chosen for you to warm you for a month sent by your boss with an invitation to email their art photos and comments to everyone and anyone in the new art community at your organization? What would you think of your boss? The company you’re part of?

Fall Tree
Castle Fenmar, a castle possessed by a murdered noblewoman.

Here is a short sample of different styles for your people.

Lethal Landscapes. Can you spot the hidden predator camouflaged and travelling up the jungle river?
Irma, a young river dragon living under the river passing port town of Sinon in 1457 Germany.
Irma, in 1678, the de factor secret ruler of Sinon through the city thieve’s guild.
Irma comfortable in her underground den full of gold and magical treasures.
EarthFederation Eagle interceptor
Selene, a demon in her armour, preparing to fight a rival demon for her territory on Earth.
Angela, a mermaid of indescribable beauty. Sailors and fishers alike have approached and been seduced by her. She eats humans alive after paralysing them with a kiss.

Thank you for reading this post. I am fun to work with, eager, flexible, and collaborative.

I can be reached at for business inquiries. My Instagram account has much more art to review, not all suitable for all audiences.

Consider letting my art work its magic on your organization and its people.

Mark Stanski, Lego artist and communications expert

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