Sunny, Warming Sculptures for Isolating Workers

Hi. My Lego art lifts moods, instills wonder, and gets people sharing and talking about it. They reach the inner child. Wouldn’t you like to send your hardworking, stressed workers a wonderful art build for their desk or coffee table to lift their mood for a month?

Inhabiting the frozen world S-23, known as Tundra, the Yip spends most of its time collecting the lichen growing on the frozen plains of the sole, vast continent of ice.

This model is about the size of your hand, and the Yip poses beautifully. The employee who receives it will have a blog entry to read on the creature and its habitat and ecology. And they get to correspond with me about the build, how it was done, what it means, what more to the story of the creature there is.

The Headless Beauty. A 7th ranking Devil holding real estate in the wealthy Northern Continent of Hell.

Best of all. Every employee can expect a message response in from me in hours or sooner. Communication between me and between your people about the art begins. We create a forum in the company for employees to remotely discuss their art builds, those of their peers, ask questions, comment, critique. Soon, their loneliness lessens, new relationships form, and your people have joyous notes flying back and forth, something to look forward to every morning and afternoon.

Such joyous activity will distract from workflow, but it will also invigorate it, stimulate it with fresh ideas from a place of heightened psychological wellness.

Bone dragon. This poor evil creature was once a benevolent river dragon who helped human river communities and travelers. She went mad. Researched a spell to give up natural life for eternal existence but in service to Death herself. Irma is her name, and her story, including its tragic end, spans three young adult novels.

Tula, a devil of fifth rank. She killed dozens of angels as a commando in Hell’s special forces, and with her promotion and fief she is determined to make a successful transition from fighting to seducing the souls from mortals. She has three cities in England, Iraq, and Canada that correspond with her new holdings in the southern continent of Hell.

Next best, or maybe the best. The last benefit is the feeling your employees are going to get when they receive their sturdy art build. When they receive encouragement to take time during the workday to comment on each other’s sculpture. What will they make of you for sending them art? You could send flowers, too. But this act for the well-being of your people will never be forgotten, will be discussed at every dinner table for years, and shows great thought, risk (which builds relationships), and care.

Your employees may be satisfied, may be working hard. But are they loyal? Businesses that succeed have managers whom their employees want to make a difference for. Be one. In a way no one else would be.

Lethal Landscapes. This as executioner’s hill in the town of Morthey, England 1236. Sarah Williams was beheaded for being pagan and witch years ago. Her spirit rises from the waist up to gaze at her head on the chopping blog. Mourning its loss.

Please consider buying my art to enhance your corporate culture! See my available works below, always growing!

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