Aliens I-The Red Fox of Planet C-23

For this build I wanted a Lethal Landscape apex predator that would impress. I wanted a predator that looked fast and might be very smart. Foxes delight me: supreme opportunists, varied diet allowing it to survive in more habitats. Zoologists now arriving on the colonial world work at classifying a whole new planet’s species. Some categories and entire branches of the system of life are easy to work out, others take more time, and more exposure and observation of animals to fill in what would appear to be ecological gaps created, for example, by the doubt about some creatures status as carnivores or omnivores.

Howling female red fox. Note the foxy head and big cat body.
A brighter shot.

I wanted the red fox to pose questions about whether it were even canine or feline. I wanted a mix of qualities in one beast. The smarts of a fox, speed and killing power of a big cat. It poses very well, and is a pleasure to own. It’s very fluffy and furry looking because of all the studs I left uncovered, making it a very tactile alien.

The red fox has no enemies. It is an apex predator.

The red fox preys on the runner, locals call the prolific deep jungle denizen. She’s an omnivorous speedster that is ever alert for charges of red foxes.

The runner, local prospectors call it. A river-following omnivore that fishes rivers and fans out along the riverside for berries and nuts and grubs in the ground. Another species with a versatile diet. Note the toe claws. It can defend itself from predators, though apex predators like the red fox outmatch it every time easily.

Red Foxes do not have the blessing of a coat that blends into the green jungle canopy of this young habitable world. They are almost twenty feet long from nose tip to end of long prehensile tail. They will surprise or ambush no runners. What the red fox does: learn to observe it’s favourite prey’s favourite stretches of river, then run through those sections of river at top speed, driving runners before it. Once it spots motion, the red fox can successfully outrun any runner in time.

About to plunge its head into the foamy gather of the short waterfall.

Runners are clever too, or it would be a simple game for the red foxes. Runners know the red fox is staking out their favourite places, so it varies its fishing for a time and locates one or two caves a short sprint from the river section it works. It has a chance at least to reach a small cave the red fox cannot follow it into. A hollow section in a large tree or dense thicket of thorny bushes frequently furnishes the runner with refuge it can negotiate but the red fox cannot.

This model turns, twists, as much as dances. One of my best toys.

Prior to the fox even being classified successfully, the world’s sports teams and businesses began to use the name of red fox in their branding. The animal has won admiration for its size, beauty, viciousness; and straight-ahead yet educated hunting approach, the style of which appeals to colonial women of C-23.

Thank you all for reading. The Red Fox is available for purchase at Gallea.

Mark Stanski

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