Bike: The Sister’s AI Vehicular Fighting Platform

Bike is the Sisters AI vehicular fighting platform, an AI pet about as smart as a dog, fierce as a tiger, and inbuilt with software resembling a scaled-down Mentor II. Bike supports, as is mandated by the inclusion of each team’s artificial being, doesn’t act as in independent warrior, though she is more than capable of doing so. Bike gives a gladiator a mobile, fast fighting platform they can fight from with the same advantage that armoured medieval knights enjoyed fighting from horseback.

Barbara driving reclining on her war machine.
Barbara standing on Bike for a better shot with her assault pistol.

Bike is heavily armed: twin autocannon fire 120 explosive shells a minute, and the prow sports a low-yield laser cannon. Bike can cripple a gladiator simply by running her down.

Bike is five years old, loves to play and spar with the Sisters. Barbara has turned out to form the best bond and communication with Bike’s unique personality. Bike want’s to help so much that she get’s carried away and doesn’t withdraw from fights as promptly as she should at the command of her slave gladiator. If slaves warriors are property, then Bike is the property of property.

Bike has a vocabulary of 5,000 words and uses short phrases. She is always trying to cram herself into Sister Prudence’s quarters to take part in the conversations, talk she can’t really understand. She just purrs when she hears something she thinks she likes hearing. Bike loves Sister Prudence the most. She sleeps in the the Sisters surgical centre, loading new software upgrades, dreaming, so she says. That’s a new word she’s been mewing for the last year.

Rear section of Bike.


Engine in the rear section.

Bike’s contribution in Arena matches is said to make the gladiator she carries fight as three gladiators. Most strategies of teams involve trapping and engaging the hard-to-catch vehicular unit. To think in Chess terms, the duchess is the King. If she falls or is captured, it’s over. The vehicular gladiator is like the Queen, moving across the Arena board, swiftly striking from a great distance, able to threaten any unit on the board.

Barbara in her away uniform riding her mount.

Bike is a big, happy model with opening rear section exposing motor, mobile autocannons, and a very sturdy build with some suspension built in that you will enjoy. The roll is very free and delightful. You can view this art build and buy it at my gallery page. Bike comes WITHOUT Sister gladiator model. Pictured with models to show its scale and how it pairs with a model gladiator.

Bike, in the spotlight.

Please visit my gallery page at Gallea and purchase some arresting art that will last a lifetime!

Thank you, my dear readers.

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