Urban Dragon on Patrol–Toronto, 2027

Elista, the urban dragon, vanishes against a dark moonless night sky but is just visible as a darker moving patch in the sky on brighter nights.

Dragons. So wonderful and breathtaking to imagine. They emerge, a few or a handful per population centre, in 2025, joining the countries in which they would live as citizens. Bringing help to many urban problems, Elista and other dragons are surprisingly modest advocates for themselves considering all the good they are heard and reported to do.

They see the future, read the minds of several hundred people as they fly over an apartment high-rise. They detect and prevent violent criminals from acting and talk to troubled people thinking of suicide. They form relationships with people in crisis while the person needs a special friend and advocate. They aid in rescue efforts, assist police, fly victims to nearby hospitals carrying them in their claws as safely as an EMS team would on a wheeled bed in an ambulance. They heal and remove diseases. They are kept rather busy, and most dragons are pleased by the attention and the society.

They attend publicity events and speak for causes such as affordable housing, social justice, the rights of the mentally ill, and other causes which are decidedly partisan, to the annoyance of a humanity who assumed the civic-minded dragons would be apolitical except to follow a mandate of community service in return for membership in the municipality and country.

Elista hovering over a the leftmost residential tower. A fourteen-year-old girl with mental health problems is about to take a bottle of pills. There is no time for a subtle approach: land, take human guise, make contact with victim telepathically and ask to meet person inside or just outside the apartment for a sit or stroll and talk. No, no time. Rajinder Singh hears in her mind a voice of a woman about her age: “Don’t kill yourself. Stay. Stay and we’ll talk about next steps, a brighter string of tomorrows. Look out your living room window.”

Rajinder felt like she was being told by her mother to go look at the Christmas tree to see all the presents laid under it overnight. Black and covered in shinning scales, a head the side of a car, a body that would crush the building if it were to fall on it. Hovering on huge wingbeats she could hear as loud blasts of wind, the dragon’s nose inches from the window. “Yes, that’s me talking in your mind. I’m a friend. My name is Elista.”

Dragons tended to side with the lower classes and believe in the restraint of capitalism. They are all radical conservationists and many dragons hold lavish benefit parties at the swankiest locales in their cities to raise funds for environmental causes.

Elista is the only Dragon living in Toronto. Schools and high schools and post-secondary schools seek the dragon as a speaking guest constantly. Speaker’s bureaus like the Lavin Agency have courted Elista since 2025 to be a speaker on any issue she chooses if she will join their agency. An Ontarian and Canadian and international audience follow Elista on social media and listen to her podcast. She makes each podcast about an issue she encountered while patrolling at night, such as food scarcity, violence against women, abuse of the elderly, and talks humanely about what she thinks she’s learned.

Millions of followers download her podcast and comment on it. The Reptile’s perspective has been described as “radical, impracticable, and childish” and her ideas those of a dreamer. Academics follow her and many believe the dragons see as children do the plain truths that they have taken years to show with their research.

Elista is known for being anti-capitalist and anti-corporate, helping no blue-chip companies but volunteering to speak out to promote small businesses that need the help and which strive to make a difference for the good locally. Elista espouses post-feminism, or rule of the species by women. Soft, inclusive rulership, but rulership nonetheless.

Elista waiting outside for Rajinder to join her for talk outside her building on the grass besides the small park next to her high rise.

Elista criticizes other dragons who participate heavily in the stock market, in corporate enterprises, and in wealth-building educational podcasts they offer people. She excoriates dragons who accept money for public appearances or sponsorship campaigns. Some dragons who have fallen under her disapproving eye have even arranged salaries for themselves from the municipalities they live in for contracted services–services generally confined to the interests of corporations, workers, and taxpayers, but no deeds for any public good beyond those definitions.

Elista stirred controversy in a podcast she released on August 10, 2027, in which she spoke for a society of urban dragons that have joined humanity from out its myths. She believes dragons, the oldest money there is, should act for free to learn and to help, not to amass more wealth through modern capitalist ventures. She said in the conclusion of the five-minute podcast that that dragons take care of their own, and that she, as an old noble among her reptile kind, would not suffer self-interested avaricious dragons to live in the world she calls home. “Hoarding is past. We must change or die. In fact, I guarantee that all dragons will change or die.”

MP for Scarborough-East riding Sheila Binds of the federal conservative party denounced the podcast as a brazen published threat to other dragon citizens, some of which were Canadian citizens. She called the action unlawful, threatening to the safety of Canadian citizens, and a matter for the Toronto and RCMP police to address. “There can be no integration and inclusion of these ancient creatures from our storybooks while they maintain an order and law of their own to which they will turn instead of Canadian law. The law of the people they have pledged to join.”

Elista engulfing the large block of urban residential high-rises and stopping to hover over one small human girl whose thoughts show her to be in terrible crisis.

Elista’s eagerly awaited response to the attack by the MP Sheila Binds surprised: “Dragons may be subject to human law, but families have their own culture the state will not violate. We dragons are no different. A mother does not call the police to arrest her daughter for stealing; she parents and punishes her daughter for her daughter’s own good and that of society.”

“Never was a more frightening menace to people emerged; and never a greater servant and friend to people. We go to sleep knowing a dragon watches over us in our sleep, souring over our homes. A hero who can see into the hearts and minds of us all.” –Alistair Rodriguez, professor of anthropology at the University of Toronto.

Many people phoning into radio stations and sending emails and social media posts feel the dragons serve as our conscience, environmental and social justice champions come to show humanity a clear path through its danger. Dragon’s seem all to be eloquent spokespersons, to be as individual in their views as humans but united by a set of values. The environment, the recognition of the market and capitalism as a game which works to order much human activity, but fails as a total system of government for the welfare and happiness of people.

How dragons roles will change or possibly be constrained is unknown. Humanity has enjoyed its dragon citizens so far; problems or conflicts have been almost unheard of. Without doubt, dragons are each and all the greatest influencers of human society the world has ever known, drawing comparisons with figures like great heads of state and of world religions, cultural celebrities, and public figures known for their integrity, charisma, and energetic service to a cause. They eschew, so far, corporate courtship of dragons as brand ambassadors.

Rajinder’s apartment is the leftmost arching building.

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