Walk through the Den of the Mad Lego Sculptor/Use Verb Mood To Enhance Your Writing/Hope and Cope When Alone

Welcome. However you came to be here. I’m going to take you on an art tour through my apartment and offer you some comfort in the dark, in the worst place you’ve ever been maybe. I’m writing from that place now. I think I’m learning some things about how to cope that might change things for you. Let’s start with a shot, just of anywhere in my space, to orient you. It’s a safe, warm undermaintained creative space. Welcome again. I’m so glad you’re reading.

Excuse the terrible photo. I live in basement apartment, have no skill with a camera, et cetera. The least interesting and artsy of my spaces, I wanted you to know what I looked like. It’s Mark Stanski from Toronto, Canada. Literary and Art Superstar.

There, now we’re acquainted. Something about my look just screams therapist/counsellor, doesn’t it? So be it. I hope my personality comforts you. I’m a crazy weirdo, as you know, or soon will. But I only tease, don’t bite.

Here’s a shot to give you a little orientation to my communicating spaces in my space.

My dusty desk, with my awesome blog post I’m working on. This is where my art belongs most, and can do the most good for a person’s mood. You can see one model to the left, a shemale cyborg. A classic theme. Just so you know, these are poor shots, and this is just the first go through my apartment. I’m going to try new tours every now and again. I spend about half my day sitting next to this desk.

So let’s start with a new idea: mood in grammar, which is really just a word for action mode of a verb instead of reporting information mode. Here’s the Indicative mood, or the reporter: “Mark travelled to the store. Mark made a Lego build. Mark is sad and feeling lonely but happy to have you readers for company of a kind.” The execution of this function of reporting is transmission of information only: there is no action–in the sense of a real doing or act rather than declaration, or report– in the verb at all. The value of such reporting declarative is in the accuracy of the statement. It is either true of false. Notice, a million of these statements of fact come at you and you are quite free to tune them out. You are not being directly engaged by the true dynamism and interactivity of the verb. Examine and contrast the Imperative mood of the verb. The commander.

“Get up, Mark! Fight, Mark. Keep trying. Stop despairing.” This imperative mood commands, thus called the imperative. Notice how I must now put effort into ignoring that someone is exerting their will upon me by giving me an order. In this case, me ordering myself. I can ignore the order, just as I could ignore it from you, but I have to try. Declaratives disappear on their own. Commands have to be actively ignored, or obeyed, or otherwise deal with. Let’s give you some orientation. The mood of the verb has changed. Notice that with the imperative, you cannot add a person to the verb, like he, she, it, they, we. We fight. Back to Indicative mood. She fought. In news articles and most social media posts, we are using the declarative mood of the verb in every sentence we type. As I am now. Just strings of statements, true or false, interesting or not. You. Stop reading now. Enjoy this art.

Walking Tanks of Planet C39, known as Quake. Treaded tanks just drop into the opening fissures of the surface of unquiet Planet Quake. The red and gold and maroon are Iron Man’s superhero colours, or my interpretation of them. The maroon deepen the red, though I don’t know if it’s present in Iron Man’s movie exosuit.

See the difference to a verb a little mood shift can make? Note that 95 per cent of writing is in the Indicative mood of the verb. They are vapid. Nothingness. They vanish by themselves. How are you feeling about what I’m writing? How are you feeling right now as you read this post? The questioner. The Interrogative mood of the verb. You can’t reconcile a question with answering whether it is true or not, as with the function of Indicative mood writing. You can’t just tune it out without making the effort. That’s power. If you notice that most of what you are writing can be tuned out, pose a question, give a command. How? Asking and answering interesting questions is a great way to animate your communications, raise them from the drone of this is so, that is so. Follow me? Let’s all tune out this old grammarian and enjoy a few more establishing shots of my space.

Keep in mind, readers, you read the words of a witch. I shall bewitch. Notice my use of the imperative verb. You are quite under my command. Enjoy! Catch you in two frames.

My lovely dresser full of starships from Star Wars. One, actually, two, of these things just doesn’t belong. The tree is mine. It’s one of my biggest builds. And behind it and blocked by a mason jar is a snowspeedeer I designed, the best ever built.

My hallway leading from the entrance to my basement space I have to find a way to afford. It’s full of lovely tits and laser cannons. What else in life matters? In the background is the kitchen, where we’ll go next. In the foreground of this shot is Sister Diana of the police forces gladiatorial team that so many in the Seven World disapprove of. Read my blog post “Sex, Death, Art” for a great illustrated short story about the Sisters, my best art and fiction theme yet. It’s been in development for ten years across one hundred thousand words of fiction and over sixty unique specimens of the art genre. The tallest standing model is Sister Levity, with the bone-white alien dinosaur head. She has the fullest rack of any Sister I have made. Delicious tits, I’m sure you will agree, each of you gentle listeners.

And you’re back in your room. Ha! Feeling any better? However you were feeling when you came in, even if glowingly good–I hope it’s better still now. Last part of modality of the verb, or verb mood. We’ve met the declarative: Mark ate. The imperative: Eat, Mark (The addition of direct address “Mark” is of course not part of the command. To say “eat” without addressing anyone is still to use the imperative). The interrogative: Did Mark eat?

Let’s meet the Subjunctive mood, the most versatile and artsiest of moods of the verb. It does not declare, gives no commands, asks no questions.

It suspends. The nocked arrow, forever drawn, never loosed. That’s the Subjunctive mood.

That’s it’s very nature. It poses of any subject used with the verb in this mood, “what will happen, will it happen?” It is used to speculate. It is used to communicate wishes, states contrary to fact, uncertainty. You can tell its at work when the verb person (first person, second person, third person) changes. Indicative, “Mark ate.” Subjunctive: “If only Mark were eating.” “Mark was eating” is correct, not mark were eating. Right? That agrammaticality, or seeming agrammaticality, is English’s way of adjusting how the verb works, signalling the action of the verb to suspend itself, not complete, execute.

Three-headed female warrior, labia exposed. Not those lips. She’s my desk companion. Would you like one? They are poseable and delightful and affordable gifts.


Give my 17 or so available works a look. They are as affordable as $65 Canadian. Contact me if you need me to build for you at cost.

Now, everything in the Indicative mood is in the past tense, it happened, and you’re reporting it. What is the report of any “if only” statement? There is no truth or untruth in a subjunctive verb use. That’s the beauty of it. It’s a realm unto itself of possibility.

There is wishing, “if only” and many “if” sentences, that pose ideas. “If Mark were eating, we could relax a bit” expresses wish and a state contrary to one that exists. The Subjunctive mood is the arrow drawn but held, never fired. It poses ideas, opens space. Just as the imperative commands, the subjunctive ponders, speculates. It is beautiful and powerful for opening minds and souls in the hands of a good writer who knows what she is doing. Cheering up? Or asleep? As long as you’re still there. Please continue to stay at my place for a while. Let’s look at some other space in my space! : )

The side of my TV Stand. In shot, the EGM space fighters Hawk (above) and below it, in the same colours of the 103-world Explorer’s Guild below is the Rage, made for my father. Beneath these fighters in white is the bone servant of a bone dragon. Like? My work can be read about and purchased at Gallea at:


So I’ve finished with the formal part of the sermon on grammar. Like it? Tell me so and I’ll write more on the sexy, artsy and fun parts of grammar I know about. There’s a few posts there to be written.

More now on hope and coping, friends. Thanks for reading.

Are you hurting from being alone, lonely, or in some trouble, legally, financially? I’m in financial and emotional trouble, but have felt myself rallying today. I’m going to try to share what I’ve been through. The metaphor is a blood loss. We’re going to try to stop me and you losing blood. That’s all we’re going to worry about.

This is a little painful, friend, but here’s what made me answer the call to death and despair with my middle finger. Amputate your doubts and the despair attached to your heart. There’s the imperative mood again.

It may be that your loved ones are giving you bad advice, blaming you for failing, for not being able to feel okay, to function at work. That’s me at present. Loved ones against me, or so it felt. You may feel more alone than ever when the few people you have in life let you down. The solution is to not need their support and draw instead on self love. Tell yourself what you yearn to hear from loved ones: You’re okay. You’ll be okay if you aren’t now. You can wake up stronger the day after you quit or get your ass kicked. In fact you probably will.

Back to amputation. I mean, amputate the part of your mind that entertains your darkest fears, whispers your doubts. You fear to be without it, that without the spur of fear, you will become a zombie and not go to work or bathe. But it’s what’s hurting you most. Lose it. Not all at once, but in time, a bit at a time, with practice. Tell yourself you’re safe, you’re lovable as heck, and soon to be living a much happier life as a much happier you. Soon you will not look to others when you feel panic rising, loneliness biting, or despair whispering. You will ask yourself for the support you aren’t getting enough of from loved ones. And you will answer. As Rohan did when Gondor lit the beacons. Say these good things to yourself and you will slowly make them so.

I feared to be alone, with spans of hours (I’m as much as unemployed at the moment but will act to make that change soon) to fill with no friends, no lover, no group. You can downright panic about it. I live with anxiety and depression, both mood disorders. Today I realized I had you guys, reading me, knowing my troubles, taking comfort in my art. And I realized I had everything in abundance that I needed to fill my days. Making stories out of bricks and bricks out of stories, for people that care. So my job for now is marketing my art to those that can afford it and do it for cost for those that can’t. My full-time job of self-care, as a crisis worker I spoke with termed it. That means making content to sell my art, finding new things to share, new things to give for free, like my royal class fiction. Do you have a talent?

That’s a lot of writing. Let’s take breath with some more time touring my space.

Nice warm, dark shot of my den as you descend the stairway entrance. On this first bookcase of Lego Alley 1 find all my bins of Lego parts. My current or favourite builds fill, in an orderly way, I hope, every part of my space. In shot see the great starfighter I made, The GDM (Great Democracy Military) Arrow. The Great democracy, with two worlds, fights the Explorer’s Guild, with 103 worlds, opposing capitalism, led by women, an alternative way of life in the fight for it’s life. A great drama I intend to write for a YA audience about faith. Everything I write is about faith, at least a little.
The same bookcase, from another angle. The shemale cyborg on the left is mine, the dragon is plastic, not my design. The Arrow faces you, the main subject, I’d say. Standing next to the arrow is a mini Lego build of Cerberus, the hound that guards the gates of Hades. To the upper right of this photo is Sister Andromeda spreading her sharp, lethal red wings. Her head is not obscured. She doesn’t have one. Or need one. Don’t you agree?

Enjoying the tour so far? If you’re rich, help out a starving (literally) artist out as he looks for a job to pay his bills. Buy my art at


Returning to my question, do you have a talent that you can put in front of people. What do I do if I can’t build Lego art? I’d say to start trying out anything creative you can photograph and share with people on a blog with social media to get word out. The creative thing you offer can be no more than your thoughts, which are worthy, and people will slowly come to read in greater numbers.

I know, what if you aren’t artsy? You’re a coder or math wizard. If your creative and resourceful, you can find something good in you worth sharing with a tiny, intimate audience. Here’s @clothespin_men, a twitter account I’d like you to scan the photos of for a few seconds. They take clothespins and make art–check out the bridge. I’m following them. Their medium choice fascinates, and you could likely grope in the dark for some media or object, like post it notes, or screws and nuts and bolts, and take an abstract art angle. Don’t worry if it’s Art with a capital A. Worry that you like it, and and think others will appreciate it.

I’d happily help you brainstorm an art or subject you can tackle. I want you to have this resource I have that’s getting me through isolation. Contact me if you need help. I’m at stanskimark@gmail.com. It will be fun!

I think I’ve said what I have to say about hope and coping so far. I hope it meant more than a call for you to give up on reliance and support from others. My therapist today said self-sufficient doesn’t have to mean alone, or so independent as to need no relationships. I encourage you to reach out any safe and responsible way you can, given Covid, to create new relationships and nourish old ones. But trust yourself. Draw on yourself in your darkest moment. You might find you’re not bad to listen to. I like to hear from myself that I’m going to be okay. Maybe you will too.

If you are not comforted, I’m not promising miracles, but you should reach out to me if you think we’d get along and you want to chat. Email me with a brief idea of what we might talk about. I’m at stanskimark@gmail.com.

Let’s take a last look at my space.

I can’t think of anything as warming as superheroes. Sorry the photos are so dark. Captain America is absent from his mech, you may notice. Darn. How cool is Hawkeye’s mech on the lower right in black and maroon? How about the mech-scale bow I built for him? Coolness itself.
I did say it was a den, didn’t I? It’s organized. I’ll pick out a few models for you. Gandalf the White must stand out even more than the alien bone fossil in the foreground. The blue spaceship in the upper right is built in three different scales, the same gunrunner’s ship, each with working storage cargo bays and container bins. Two urban dragons fly over skylines below in the background. Next to Gandalf is a real person, Mark Wigmore, of Toronto’s New Classical FM. He let me make his likeness and, I dearly hope, is okay with me talking it up as much as I can on social media! It was an honour. Mark’s an arts dialogue in one person.
Crappy kitchen table used as display area for my dragons series. Irma, the river dragon, in her old age, depicted in the foreground. You see younger smaller versions of her with hints of her hoards in gold in the background.

That’s it for now, guys. But I think I’ll be posting again very soon. Love to hear from you. And wow, would it be nice if one of you bought a piece of art from me. The place to read lots about the piece and be directed to a blog post about it here: Gallea


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