A Wolf’s Story

Cassandre Simmons deals with the devil to walk again. She loses her leg and her humanity in the bargain. This story covers the first few weeks of Simmon’s life as a recruiter of souls for the Devil.

Cassandre, most of the way to her werewolf form. Only her arm has yet to become wolven.

First she spends her first days deciding from among her friends and loved ones which might be open to a deal with the Devil? Who’s hurting, who’s suicidal, who’s on the edge? She is horrified to realize she is selling her loved ones her fate. She decides to forgo her quota for souls–three per month. If she fails, she undergoes a transformation every week until she buys a soul. Quite the sales incentive.

Cassandre, close up. As the wolf, she kills until she is killed, which can only be accomplished with silver bullets.

Cassandre comes close to buying her first soul, from her mother who is dying of cancer and suffering. She kills her mother before she can sign the deal with Tula, her Procurer. Tule swears vengeance and tells her she’ll soon change her mind when the transformations begin.

Days later, Cassandre changes, in her sleep, remembering killing her neighbours, a mail carrier, and a mother and her children strolling down the street. She transformed back after fifteen minutes. “They’ll get longer and longer each time you miss a deadline,” said Tula, present always but unseen. Her handler.

The leg stays part of her werewolf form. Making her suspicious in human form even to atheist non-believes in ghosts and werewolves.

Instead of trying to push loved ones over the edge towards a deal with the Devil, she does all in her power to comfort them, assure them that their life, whatever it is, must be lived and born. She tries to encourage her mother. Ultimately she kills her to relieve her suffering. She knows she cannot accept life as a recruiter. She prepares to live in the far north, away from people, where her transformations will affect no one, she hopes.

Limping steadly toward a victim.

After weeks of living alone, transformations growing longer, she begins to look for a way to die. Accepts she cannot. Decides to live in the beauty of her cabin and enjoy social media and writing.

Cassandre almost having completed her transformation.

The story sounds like one or resolution, until the Devil decides to cut her losses. Sends agents to bring her to Hell’s Ministry of Loyalty, in which loyal devils are made by fire and blade and infernal surgery on the mind.

Cassandre always warned, there were fates worse than death. You had to be able to deal with them. But no one can stand up to torture for long, especially not torture done by Devils.

Cassandre is restrained and taken by three Devils, wrapped in burning chains, to Hell’s Ministry of Loyalty, paying a terrible price for her choice.

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