Merry Christmas, Dear Readers/Promoting Each Other

You are the few, the true. All of you twelve or so following me are such wonderfully creative people. I’m honoured to have you following, maybe reading a post or two if it catches your interest. I certainly read you guys but prefer to comment rather than like.

Each of you is not only a great practitioner of your trade or art; you write well also, all of you. I think you should be proud of your blogs and I’ll be tuned into them. I encourage us all to repress, tweet, tell about each others posts that would appeal to our readerships, as I like to do.

Featuring guess material that’s relevant to your audience is a great way to add engagement and be a source of culture to your readers. Please do a little more of that for deserving audience-matched posts you find. I’ll keep doing the same. Would anyone be interested in guest blogging? I would for you, and I welcome your suggestion and am eager to have you on my blog if you’re a good match.

Selene, a devil menacing the people of Sinon in my new short story in progress “A Psychic Comes to Sinon. I’ll be blogging about her next. Serpent from the neck up. This is her true form. To humans she appears as a comely woman in her thirties.

I wish you readers and sponsors in abundance! Happy new year, fellow bloggers and friends.

Mark Stanski

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