Sir Jana Bead’s Board – Space Knights 2145

Okay, hopefully the concept is clear. Large powerful well-armed, well-armoured fighters which characterize much of warfare between fiefs on different planets and single fief’s holding multiple planets. The first space knight Jenny Deeds invents the space combat platform, a vehicle that is more huge space surfboard than starship. It circles the much larger fighters and engages them at extremely close distance with handheld ordinance. The pilots fight from the decks of ships they allow to be piloted by AI they communicate with telepathically.

A revolution in warfare takes place as all pilots cross-train to become able fighters on the deck of ship with handheld ordinance. A never-ending tournament takes place across the fiefs, for space knights come to be a elite community that is interplanetary, interstellar, and lives to fight. The tournaments held by rival fiefs are combat sports that are meant to be non-lethal outlet for warrior societies that value fighting. But in in practice the tournaments start as many wars as they prevent.

Sir Jana fights for Vorsa fief. This is her battle board. Proud and loud yellow and black.

No ramming capability, but it can bring two prow-mounted medium-yield and two long-range wing-mounted medium-yield laser cannons to bear on distant opponents. Like many knights, she loves to mix dogfighting with gunfighting, and prides herself on both, but knows she is twice the pilot as she is marine, so she thinks twice about engaging knights known for their prowess as marines. She is always a little relieves when she is able to kill her opponent from a distance with superior dogfighting.

Sir Jana is a warrior in conflict with her lord’s politics. She is a warrior, happiest fighting, getting rich on war spoils, and famous among the interplanetary sisterhood of space knights. Each knight has far more in common with each other than with her lord or the peasants she protects, at least in word. They are genetically similar people who are raised from childhood in similar knighthood apprenticeships with experienced knights.

Let’s look at Jana in the cockpit.

Fighting platforms reduce mass to the improve maneuverability. This cockpit section includes a reactor and engine to power the ship’s powerful three thrusters. The wings and prow contain in sleek, long compartments power cables to the reactor powering the prow guns. The board section contains critical navigations and sensor systems.

I write about female characters in traditional male roles as leaders, power seekers, and warriors. (To the best of my ability.) I dare appropriate voice with no special insight into women except liking them more than men and finding them worthy of a chance to shape our society after millennia of failure by male rule. I’m interested in writing about a woman’s world.

Jana’s short and long range assault rifles mounted on a shield wall. She fights front forward, not broadsiding like many knights with boards made to blast enemies from the side of the platform or ram their opponents with their reinforced prows. Not all knights, especially the proud, deadly snipers among the knights, install armoured shields as weapons mounts, or rams as prows, trusting themselves to kill an opposing knight from hundreds of kilometers away, long before it comes to close-up gunfighting.

The Space Knights has a cool concept of starships I think is fresh and involves a new kind of combat I get to invent and develop. I have seven boards to show from four fiefs. I’ll be showcasing over the next week or so.

But Space Knights lacks a powerful theme, besides woman doing cool things for a change rather than men and using the coolest ships and gadgets. It will come to me.

Thank you all for reading!

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