The Harbinger Starfighter: My First Freebuild

Harbinger Heavy Starfighter, 2250.

Summary: Starfighter made to fight through swarms of smaller one-person craft to lay heavy blows upon capital ships.

Harbinger, EarthFederation circa 2250. A craft designed for fighting the Separatist Hawk one-person starfighter and destroying capital ships.


Original mission profile: Destroy moderate enemy starfighter resistance and arrive at capital ship to mount a sustained assault as the primary attack craft. Other mission profiles: Bombing runs.

Top speed: 1,500 km/hr in atmosphere.

Dogfighting: Harbingers usually take a hit or two before managing to get a lock on a much smaller enemy one-person craft easily twice as maneuverable as the Harbinger. Harbingers in practice seldom dogfight, just make their way ahead through gauntlets of fighters ignoring all but targets of opportunity on their way to attack the capital ship. It had the armour and shielding to take a pounding.

Thick contoured armour plating. Side pontoons contain thrusters and engines in the rear and a reactor and plasma emitter cannon in the front section. There are two cockpits, front and rear.

The Harbinger’s sidemost platforms contain anti-fighter machine guns; the prow laser cannons are high yield; one hit on a fighter usually destroys it. The tailgunner fires medium-yield laser cannons and countermeasures.  

Assault: The two pontoon-like guns projecting forward from the front cockpit fire plasma bursts, almost rapid-fire thanks to the devoted reactors powering each plasma gun. These bursts can penetrate a capital ship through and through.

I’ve since filled in this rear cockpit with navigation instruments and controls for the pilot.

My first free build

This build was my first original build. (No instructions.) I wanted a unique ship that couldn’t be confused with any starfighter famous in the movies or cartoons. It had to have a great shape that also made sense for a space fighter. It doesn’t need wings. What it needs are heavy thrusters for speed in dogfighting and arrays of directional thrusters to give agility. And, because my ship was for attacking big ships, it needed oversized guns. It needed sex appeal, even if it looked a bit weird.

I’ve never developed the story but this was my early process of story-Lego partnership. It’s yielded four fun short stories on my blog in the last six months featuring models you’ve seen. A friend and harsh critic of my work recommends “A Psychic Rises in Sinon” as my best story.  

Thanks for reading!

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