Starscream: Transformation in photos

Here we start with Starscream in Robot mode.

There are some single-stud fastens at Starscreams knees. Be careful with them.

Step Two.

Pull nose cone of fighter up above Starscream’s robot head. Straighten his arms at the elbow and rotate them on the ball joins until they tuck up against the red chest bricks.

Step 3

Rotate the guns so they face forward on the jet to be. They rotate on a delicate one-stud-in-the-middle fasten. It pops off easily but reattached just as easily.

Step 4

Twist Starscream so that his chest is now turned backwards. He is half rotated in this photo. Next photos will show the complete turn.

Step 5

rotating the torso. Some of the trans tail has been adjusted to allow for the shot. I’ll demonstrate the tail shortly.

Step 6: Tail

Turn Starscream over onto his belly. Motice the fanlike arrangement of the tail fins? Reposition like the picture below. Flatter the wings.
Good. Almost done. Jest need to swing the legs around and tuck them in. Next photo.

Step 7: Legs.

Underside belly view of delicate legs. They are going to swing up and tuck in with a one stud fasten onto the buttocks of Starscream!

Step 8: First Move of the Legs

Swing it back and pivot the foot flat to make contact with the corner side which you press the corner stud of into the buttock rounded 1×2

Step 9: Finish the legs

Bothe feet tuck into a square space and attach at the corner locking the legs in place. Congrats, you’ve managed the transformation. When you transform back to robot mode, clutch and press the abdomen the feet are attached to to prevent the a piece of the abdomen from coming lose, which sometimes happens.

I hope you all enjoyed this instructional. I made it for a friend at work. This is for him and for anyone who’s into it.

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