The Infernals X: A New Promise

2051. PowerTrip, the world’s last superheroes left standing, disbanded five years ago after hunting down the last Infernal.  

One sunny afternoon in July, Torontonians gathered at Dundas Square to watch a woman dressed in red and white floating fifteen storeys above the concrete, carrying a middle-aged man in a dark suit. The woman remained aloft for thirty minutes until a huge crowd of onlookers jammed the square and all the adjacent streets. SWAT teams, police, firefighters, and paramedics took positions as the police commander ordered the crowd to disperse.

The crowd milled nervously as every third hand recorded the spectacle of the floating woman on a camera. The woman descended slowly, and the man in her arms, frozen until then, clutched her hard. As she descended, green beams of light blazed from her eyes, illuminated each SWAT officer and constable, and they vanished.  The woman’s white boots touched the ground; she held the man, in his forties and overweight. She smiled at the crowd. Her voice echoed through the streets as if amplified.

“This is Damien Rhodes, CEO of Emergent Financial Corporation, an insurer. He makes ten million dollars a year, not including stock options, for frightening you about your future so he can charge you for an illusion of safety. I’m Harbinger. An Infernal. We’re making room for a good world to grow.”

She dropped the man who fell to the ground as if her were twice his age. Her boot crushed his skull. The crowd gasped. Some screams. Some cheers.

Harbinger’s smile left her lips. “It’s time for us to be brave,” she said. “It’s time for change.” And she launched into the sky like a costumed angel back to the heavens.

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