PowerTrip IX: Savior



Harbinger, the red and white costumed superhero, had destroyed Amazon, Starbucks, Lockheed-Martin, Google, and the list went on. She toppled violent regimes in the Middle East, Africa, and South America. She demanded governments reform themselves to reflect three principles. She promised to kill the members of any government that failed to reform in thirty days.

On a rainy Monday in September, Harbinger strode past an elderly security guard into the heart of the Parliament in Ottawa. “Members of Parliament, you have failed,” the young woman declared. Her eyes glowed green as she approached the Speaker. Shouts and screams filled the hall. A green beam dispersed harmlessly against a thin glowing blue screen ten feet high and wide that appeared in front of the Speaker.

The Members looked to the roof of the hall. Floating two storeys above the floor a second superhero costumed in blue and red projected the glowing shield from her index finger.


Harbinger stopped her attack, regarded the floating woman who had stopped her beams. “And you would be a PowerTrip hero, right?”

“Let’s take this to the countryside, you murdering animal,” the floating superhero said, landing meters from Harbinger.

“No,” Harbinger said, grinning. Her eyes glowed green again and people scattered. She could widen the beam to kill thousands with a glance.

The new hero pointed at Harbinger and her eyes were blocked with discs of blue light. She screamed in anger.

“I wasn’t asking,” the blue and red hero said. She had a red cape like Harbinger. When she moved she was a red blur. She hugged Harbinger as though she were a dear friend. She squeezed and the god-woman who had held the world hostage for a year died instantly, her organs crushed, her bones broken. 


Still holding the limp Harbinger her arms, the woman spoke in a loud voice: “It’s really going to be okay now.”  

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