About Mark Stanski and Fiction Bricks

Hi! This blog is an adventure I want to take you on based upon a technique I’ve happened on while pursuing my hobby as an AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego).

As I’ve gotten plenty of practice building store-bought models, I soon became familiar enough with the bricks and their uses to start designing my own builds. They started small, then grew in size and sophistication. If following my blog helps you have fun yourself that’s great; my blog will be a great success.

The Explorer’s Guild Fury space fighter. This ship was meant to be a hybrid of my two favourite ships, the tie fighter and the X-wing, both from Star Wars.

But there’s more. The technique. Soon I found that after I’d build a cool starship reminiscent of a ship from the Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica shows, I felt a burning need to do two more related things. First, I wanted to build more ships to have other builds to compare my first one too; second, I wanted to write about the ship–its history, design, manufacture, speed, weapons, performance in space and in an atmosphere, and its faster-than-light capabilities if any. How did this ship stack up in combat against other ships?

Soon enough, to answer that question, I had to invent another polity with it’s own space navy and colours to compare the ships. You may be getting the gist of the technique already. Every build you make raises more questions about the setting in which you find the ship, and soon you’re as curious about the world and characters that pilot these ships as you are about the ships. You begin to do what professional writers do: you build a fictional world and a story that takes place there. You ask questions, and the answers lead to more questions, and the worlds you conceive get richer and richer.

I’m hoping you and your kids, if you have any, will get a huge kick out of this process. I want to keep you building and inspired and also to coach you on how to move your models into the background (when you’re ready) and let the storytelling come forward.

I’ll coach you in everything I’ve learned about the right questions to ask when, which questions may not matter, and when to stop world building and start writing your great stories. That’s the technique I propose to teach and reinforce on this blog regularly. You’ll learn to build some of my favourite ships and lots of unique variations of your own, and I’ll advise you on how to pick up a few sets that will let you begin without breaking the bank.

A Word about Building Themes

Many of you will be parents and interested in building with your kids with help from this blog. That’s great. I just want to assure you that you that although many of my themes involve conflicts between different societies, any violence will be kept to strictly PG level. And there are three other themes I’ll be getting to when I’m ready: magical sailing ships, walking castles, and dragons. Each theme is oriented to conflict between at least two polities, which might be off-putting to strict pacifists who wish to keep their children from stories about conflicts that involve even responsibly handled violence. That’s fine. This site is not for you.

About Mark Stanski

To tell you a little about me, I’m a 46-year old book editor changing careers to public relations. This blog is part of a school project I’m being graded on, but never fear, I won’t abandon it when my education is complete and I’m working somewhere new. I’m here to stay!



I’ve always wanted to be a published novelist, but never really understood how to write a decent story that held together. That all changed when I began using the technique, which at long last answered all my questions that needed answering to start writing with confidence, structure, drama, and direction. This is the second big thrill I promise you if you follow my blog and watch my instructional YouTube videos. You can become a capable writer if you put the time into picking up my technique. I’ll be with you each step of the way and will answer all your questions. I’m here to help!


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