Social Media Post Policy

Hi, everyone! There are a few rules I need advance to ensure this blog runs smoothly and that participants in the blog understand the behavior that’s expected of them.

First, this is a general audience blog, so please no swearing or discussion of adult themes or references. Nothing vulgar or uncouth.

Second, we’re all friends on this blog, and I’d like us to support each other’s creativity and projects here. I will delete any comments that are mean-spirited or purely negative. That said, I will allow and encourage positive constructive criticism, praise, and suggestions! : )

In fact, that’s the kind of comment that this blog is intended to attract! So let’s all help each other out. Submit your work to me so that I and other new friends can tell you what we like, what we think, and where we imagine you might take your ideas! We can all be lots of help to one another, especially if we get stuck on how to improve or develop something.


— Mark Stanski