Walking Castles II: Stowswell

The year is 1345. Knighthood is in bloom. Conflicts erupted between the various nations of Faria, a bean-shaped continent, that lasted a year or several, but ended eventually. Where there was peace, knights fought each other in war games intended not to be lethal, but which often were. Tournaments they were called. Mounted team combats […]

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Mark Wigmore Lego Build

I asked Mark Wigmore, DJ of the Oasis on the New Classical FM, a really nice, approachable guy, if he wanted his portrait done. This was the result. It set me on the road to doing more people and less cyborgs and robots. I learned a ton from this build. Here’s a few more shots:

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The George Stavropoulos Tree

Here is the masterwork that took me far out of my creative element of Robots, Starfighters, and Castles (my staples!). It’s a Lego build of a tree, itself a portrait and symbol of Mr. George Stavropoulos, a friend, and my boss at work. It’s impressive, and I didn’t mean it to be. I meant it […]

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