Braden of Sinon: Irma’s Right Hand

Sociopath/lover of the poor When Portia the young prodigy thief and telepath reads Braden’s thoughts, she is astonished at the number of things he doesn’t think about, worry about. Morals are nothing to him. But he devotes his life to moving wealth from the upper classes to the poorest of the lower classes. He cares […]

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Portia of Sinon

A street thief, a good one, who lives to organize other thieves. Impose a little decency if you can sell it to desperate kids. Portia always tried, but when you’re the boss, you have so little power. And they can turn on you, kill you in your sleep. Portia survived. By age 13 she ran […]

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Urban Dragon on Patrol–Toronto, 2027

Dragons. So wonderful and breathtaking to imagine. They emerge, a few or a handful per population centre, in 2025, joining the countries in which they would live as citizens. Bringing help to many urban problems, Elista and other dragons are surprisingly modest advocates for themselves considering all the good they are heard and reported to […]

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