Infernals VIII: Who Is the Watcher?

2042. “He’s magnificent, the greatest pure killer on Earth. Only our enemy War God has absorbed more knowledge of war and killing. We need the greatest killer against the greatest warrior.” “What will you do with him? What will he bring besides his skills?” Zealot, the leader of the Infernals, asked. “War God has nothing […]

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PowerTrip V: The Vanisher

PowerTrip V: Vanisher 2040. Gary Nile appeared in his jeans, button-up, and cozy sweater. A good sign of his mental state. When he appeared as the Vanisher, it was as though he were a different man—unreachable, intimidating. Gary was a fifty-year-old head researcher on the PowerTrip Project begun in 2037 after the second Infernals attack. […]

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Infernals II: Angel of Death

2039. The chambers of His Eminence John Dystra of the diocese East Toronto were unusually comfortable, with photos of his hunts. His basement was full of glass cases of firearms. The two men had bonded over firearms and lethal force. Men of peace, of God. “I’d never trust a man without a vice,” His Eminence […]

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