PowerTrip: Arms Race

What If Superheroes Acted Like Mythological Monsters? Gladiator led PowerTrip in a war against Hell’s superheroes, the Infernals. She had begun the war fifteen years ago, in 2037, in New York City, just her and War God. The team had once been six, but there had been losses. Thara, Gladiator, the alien, was the only […]

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PowerTrip IX: Savior

2052. Harbinger, the red and white costumed superhero, had destroyed Amazon, Starbucks, Lockheed-Martin, Google, and the list went on. She toppled violent regimes in the Middle East, Africa, and South America. She demanded governments reform themselves to reflect three principles. She promised to kill the members of any government that failed to reform in thirty […]

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PowerTrip V: The Vanisher

PowerTrip V: Vanisher 2040. Gary Nile appeared in his jeans, button-up, and cozy sweater. A good sign of his mental state. When he appeared as the Vanisher, it was as though he were a different man—unreachable, intimidating. Gary was a fifty-year-old head researcher on the PowerTrip Project begun in 2037 after the second Infernals attack. […]

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